Literary Salon #9 – Ellis Goodman, The Keller Papers

The Keller Papers is a fast-moving espionage story, including factual events and personalities of the times, which have become so relevant in today’s strained East/West political environment. A worthy sequel to his first novel, Bear Any Burden.

About the Author

Ellis M. Goodman is the author of three published books: Corona: The Inside Story of American’s #1 Imported Beer; and two novels, Bear Any Burden and The Keller Papers. He has a multi-faceted background including serving as the CEO of Barton Brands, as an investor/manager in the Music Industry (GTO Records) and Film Production (The Greek Tycoon) and Distribution (Picnic at Hanging Rock).  

Recently, he served as Associate Producer and Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary feature films Louder Than A Bomb, and Mulberry Child, as a Producer of the Broadway show End of the Rainbow, and is currently one of the Investors/Producers of An American in Paris.


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