Rita Dragonette has been writing all her life. From early stories modeled on the historic and suspense novels she inhaled as a young adult, to more mature efforts that began to chronicle the ravages of her generation as she majored in fiction at Northern Illinois University, her vocation was set.

Her writing gave her entrée into a major career in public relations at global agencies and her own firm, followed by a unique practice helping executives with personal branding. After nearly 30 years telling the stories of others, she has now returned to her original creative path.

Her debut novel, The Fourteenth of September, is based upon her personal experiences on campus during the pivotal time frame between the first Vietnam Draft Lottery and Kent State. It was written largely at residences granted by the Ragdale Foundation over the past decade.

She is currently at work on two additional writing projects: a second novel, the World War II-set Master Race, also based upon her keen interest in the impact of war on and through women, and Violating the Prime Directive, a memoir in essays.

She also hosts regular literary salons to showcase the new books of authors to avid readers.

For more about why she writes, see here.


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“Rita Dragonette’s novel, The Fourteenth of September, reveals what I have known for a long while—that she is a writer of great talent and integrity who infuses this debut work with an energy and vision that lifts it far beyond the ordinary coming of age story. This is an important book, not to be missed.”

–– Gary D. Wilson, author of Getting Right and Sing, Ronnie Blue


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